Since 2013, we have been supporting organizations of all sizes and in all fields to help them define their digital strategy, train their teams and promote engagement through gamification.

The focus is on understanding customer needs, adapting to their mode of operation and training teams to give them the keys to digital.


what makes us different


Audrey Rochas had an unconventional background (paramedical, English studies, communication, web design) in which she quickly integrated a digital component. After experiences in the services and luxury industry, fashion, then consulting, she co-founded Creative Slashers in 2013 with the desire to share her expertise and make digital accessible to all, refusing the idea that it is reserved for a “digital elite”. 

Convinced that a good understanding of the subjects is the key to success, she sees digital as a tool intended to change dynamics and projects, not an objective in its own right. It was her interventions as a teacher in higher schools that pushed her to design Smart Me Up, a platform using gamification for training. The idea? Facilitate the mission of the teachers with adapted tools while engaging the students in a path giving them global. 


We love bright colors that contrast with consensus. Expect bold and colorful work when you choose us as your digital agency.


Our team is dynamic in skills. We focus on you and your vision for your digital strategy. Our team will be at the service of you.


We incorporate a touch of extravagance in all of our work. This is what makes us stand out from everyone else!


We dream big here at Creative Slashers. We won’t limit our ideas in a box. Let us know your biggest dreams for digital.


Creativity is at the heart of digital. Let us use our creative minds to produce an innovative solution for your company.


Let us transform your vision into a reality. We will work one-on-one together with you to create the digital strategy to move your company forward in the market.

gamification & employee advocacy

Creative Slashers takes the opposite course to traditional digital agencies by focusing on the rise in skills of its clients. The objective is clear: to make customers independent over time to intervene only in the consulting, training and implementation phases. The word empowerment becomes the leitmotif that guides the team’s actions.

Two areas of expertise are developed with a view to providing an innovative vision that is closer to customer expectations and their objectives: gamification and employee advocacy.




The environment is at the heart of current issues. And if the digital makes it possible to reduce certain consumables, it is also a major producer of greenhouse gases: if the Internet were a country, it would be the third largest consumer in the world after the United States and China. 

Creative Slashers is committed to adopting an approach to optimizing digital uses both within its team, but also in the design of strategies for its clients. This approach is inseparable from sustainable and evolving projects.


When we talk about digital today, we often think of social networks. However, the notion of social is disappearing more and more in the digital universe. We are interested in performance, progression curves, the size of the community, focusing on numbers rather than people. 

In the interest of innovation and sustainability, the Creative Slashers team is committed to an inclusive approach in order to make digital accessible to all: young and old, digital natives and digital immigrants, technology enthusiasts and refractory to screens. The objective is simple: to transmit good practices, those which are positive for the individual and the organization.


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director, val pré vert pediatric ssr

“Two very fine achievements that bring real added value to our activities. Many thanks to Creative Slashers and its designers Audrey Rochas and Julien Artu.”

Isabelle Gillette Faye

Managing Director, GAMS Federation

“We are extremely satisfied with the services offered by Creative Slashers. They are perfectly attentive to the customer’s request, while knowing how to suggest improvements. They are extremely responsive in the event of technical difficulties. They deliver a turnkey site to you and give you sufficient information so that you can continue to enrich your website yourself.”

Ilona Meyer

Founder, Les Éditions des Éléphants

“We were delighted with our collaboration with Creative Slashers, who developed our website. The team is available, attentive, educational, creative, always giving good advice. She knows how to propose solutions to the slightest obstacle. Their strategic advice on digital communication and social networks was also very valuable to us.”

Francois Xavier Bombecke


“Creative Slashers has provided us with a unique website for several years. They were able to provide us with an innovative solution to meet our needs. This year, the service progressed by providing a team to be in direct contact with the members of the team, who responded very quickly to our requests.”


The preliminary interview allows us to identify your needs and constraints in order to establish a personalized recommendation. It is essential to understand your issues.

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